Lets talk HYDRATION!

Hydrating your dog is something so simple but it's actually so overlooked and most people don't think about hydrating when it comes to meal times.

If your dog is eating a kibble diet, they are more than likely in a constant state of dehydration. Why? Dry kibble requires moisture in order to digest. When your dog is not adequately hydrated, the body pulls water from the internal organs to digest the kibble and this can lead to the state of mild dehydration. Even if they are drinking throughout the day, the digestion process pulls water from their system after eating.

One of the best and easiest thing you can do as a kibble feeder is HYDRATE YOUR DOGS FOOD! Adding water to kibble softens it for digestion and hydrates your dog's body systems.

Jazz it up for your dog include Filtered Water, Coconut Water, Bone Broth, Goat's Milk, or Decaffeinated Green Tea (aids in cancer prevention)

*Your pets should always have access to fresh water at all times

*Your dogs should always rest after eating any meal. Never exercise your dog immediately after eating.

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