Comfort, Downtime & Play

When it comes to enjoying downtime the best thing you can do is give your furry friend a comfortable place to rest, Munro Kennels has everything you need. Products like the Kitty Sills, offer a cozy and sturdy perch that attaches to any window sill in your home. Watch your cat can bask in the sun and watch the world go by as often as they like. We also offer a variety of cat and dog beds and pet cots, for senior dogs and animals of all sizes. All made of high quality materials and designed to provide maximum durability and comfort.

You can also find a selection of Pet Pads that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. These provide a soft and supportive surface for your animals to sleep and play on. Let's not forget about the most important thing to your animals and pets; Fun! We offer a great selection of quality pet toys to keep your furry friend entertained and engaged all day long. With all these options, your pet is sure to have sweet dreams and endless playtime for many years to come. Contact us today or shop with us online.