Safe & Reliable Fencing Options

Are you looking for an effective way to keep your pets or livestock safely confined?

While traditional fencing can be expensive and not always effective, electric fence systems provide you with the option for a safer, more reliable solution. Our electric fence options create a memorable yet harmless short-lived shock that helps animals learn their boundaries quickly.

Our wireless and in-ground dog fence systems emit a small buzz that can be adjusted to your pet's size and stubbornness. The wireless transmitter sets up a circular pet zone, while the underground wire defines the boundary, making a warning beep, vibration, and static stimulation to let your pet know when they are approaching the line. In addition to our dog fencing options, we offer all the necessary components to build an electric horse barrier, including fence chargers, insulators, cables, and ground rod clamps. Trust Munro Kennels to help you meet all your containment needs with the latest technology in animal control and fencing solutions.