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Founded by Jessica Munro, a passionate Doberman enthusiast and breeder, Munro Kennels is more than just a breeding program - it's a sanctuary for the majestic Doberman Pinscher breed. With a dedication to preserving the breed's finest qualities of elegance, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty, Munro Kennels stands as a beacon of excellence in Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada.

At Munro Kennels, we believe that Dobermans are not just pets; they are cherished members of the family. Jessica's journey into breeding was fueled by her deep admiration for the breed's exceptional traits, leading her to establish a legacy of love, health, and devotion within each pup that leaves.

Meet our remarkable team:

Sheila Munro, the heart and soul of the Munro Kennels crew, has been a driving force since 2018. Alongside her trusted Dobermans, Sheila exemplifies the profound bond between human and canine, where protection and playtime intertwine seamlessly.

Letty, the wise matriarch of Munro Kennels, embodies the epitome of guardianship and affection. With her nurturing spirit and unwavering loyalty, Letty ensures that every member of our pack feels safe and loved.

Echo, the dynamic ball of energy, brings boundless joy and endless cuddles to our kennels. With a playful spirit and a love for snuggles, Echo is sure to steal your heart.

Sydney, also known affectionately as "Bob," represents the pinnacle of elegance and grace within our pack. Hailing from the esteemed Mainwynd lineage, Sydney is a true embodiment of aristocratic canine companionship.

Our commitment at Munro Kennels goes beyond breeding exceptional Dobermans; it extends to supporting our clients and the wider Doberman community. We provide top-notch support and guidance to ensure that every owner experiences the joys of Doberman companionship to the fullest.

Rooted in family values, Munro Kennels fosters strong connections within the 'Munro Family,' where every dog is raised with love and care as part of our extended family. Whether you're welcoming your first Doberman into your home or adding to your pack, Munro Kennels is here to make your journey memorable and rewarding.

Experience the Munro Kennels difference and join us in celebrating the extraordinary bond between human and Doberman. Connect with us today and become part of our devoted community of Doberman enthusiasts.

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Our Commitment

Embodying the very best of courage, loyalty, intelligence and beauty in one remarkable line: that is our commitment. Through hard work we strive to breed companions for longevity, health and a temperment as regal as their aristocratic appearance.

Upcoming Litters

It's time to take the plunge and experience one of life's greatest rewards - owning a Doberman! And rest assured that we are here for you every step of the way. So, get ready to make this furry friend part of your family!

Top-notch support

At Munro Kennels, we don't just invest in our clients - we make a commitment to the wider Doberman community. We firmly believe that knowledge and support should be available for all those who love this marvelous breed!

Family First

At Munro Kennels, our program is rooted in family values. Our dobes are raised with love as if they were a part of an actual family. We strive to create lasting relationships with all those who join us too - providing support during both joyful moments and trying times alike; fostering strong connections between members within the 'Munro Family'.

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