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Meet the Crew

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Jessica Munro

I have always had a passion for Dobermans since I started loking for my first dog. Not only are these dogs elegant, intelligent and more human than any dog I know. I became a breeder of the Doberman when I seen a bloodline that I not only loved but had good health and termperment behind it.

Meet the Crew Munro Kennels Sheila Munro

Sheila Munro

Sheila joined the Doberman Crew in 2018 and has been running the show ever since. Her Dobermans protect and play with her everyday. Their is a bond that can not be explained.

Meet the Crew Munro Kennels Letty


Letty is curently the the senior around the Munro Kennels yard. She plays mom to everyone and is very serious about her duties, checking the yard both morning and night before bed. She can be trusted with your lunch any day of the week and wants to be everyones friend.

Meet the Crew Munro Kennels Echo


Echo is our resident spitfire! She lives for food, and is as playful as they come. This pup wants nothing more than to become your favorite lapdog.

Meet the Crew Munro Kennels Sydney


Sydney or rather "Bob" as she is known in our house is Sheila's puppy. She is true to the Mainwynd line. She is as elegant and gental natured as they come.

Our Commitment

Embodying the very best of courage, loyalty, intelligence and beauty in one remarkable line: that is our commitment. Through hard work we strive to breed companions for longevity, health and a temperment as regal as their aristocratic appearance.

Upcoming Litters

It's time to take the plunge and experience one of life's greatest rewards - owning a Doberman! And rest assured that we are here for you every step of the way. So, get ready to make this furry friend part of your family!

Top-notch support

At Munro Kennels, we don't just invest in our clients - we make a commitment to the wider Doberman community. We firmly believe that knowledge and support should be available for all those who love this marvelous breed!

Family First

At Munro Kennels, our program is rooted in family values. Our dobes are raised with love as if they were a part of an actual family. We strive to create lasting relationships with all those who join us too - providing support during both joyful moments and trying times alike; fostering strong connections between members within the 'Munro Family'.

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