Cato Plank XL Platform


Color: Blue
Material: Rubber
Style: No Tilt
Sale price$121.99 Regular price$128.99


The Cato Plank with the optional Cato Tilt Stand is a great tool for a variety of training and development applications. When used as a platform, the 12x36" size works great for clean fronts, crisp downs, etc. 

The Cato Plank is also designed to be used with the optional Cato Tilt Stand. The Cato Tilt Stand can be used to turn the Cato Plank into a multi-height teeter that has settings for 2", 5" and 10" of travel. These height gradations mean that even the most timid of dogs can learn to enjoy making the teeter move. 

The Cato Tilt Stand can also be used to turn the Cato Plank into an incline board. The steepness of the incline can be adjusted using the settings on the Cato Tilt Stand, or for a steeper incline, the Cato Tilt Stand can be placed on additional Cato Planks/Boards. 

Two surface options: Turf or Rubber. Not sure which to get? Here are our thoughts. 
MIN Purchase QTY 6
Cato Plank Weight: 9.6 lbs
Cato Tilt Stand Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 12" wide x 36" long x 3.5" high
Surface: bi-directional non-slip rubber
Feet: 12 non-slip rubber feet
Construction: HDPE that has been specially formulated for strength and stiffness

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